Call for Interest for Radio-Canada’s Record Collection

Radio-Canada is seeking a Canadian cultural/educational institution, business or organization (hereinafter the “Institution”) – potentially a well-known player in the Canadian music industry – to acquire as is, free of charge, its record collection comprising 119,000 titles, including 83,000 33 RPM, 23,000 45 RPM and 10,000 78 RPM records (hereinafter the “Collection”). The Collection contains the following genres : Classical (33%), French Pop Vocal (21%), English Pop Vocal (19%), Instrumental (9%), Folk (7%), Jazz (7%) and various music (4%). Interested Institutions must demonstrate that they can maintain the Collection in proper conditions; that they can showcase the Collection for the benefit of Canadians; and that the Collection shall neither be sold nor used for resale by the Institution or a third party.

This invitation does not constitute a call for tender and in no way limits Radio-Canada’s ability to negotiate privately with one or more interested parties. Radio-Canada shall give precedence to Institutions that offer to acquire the Collection in its entirety, but reserves the right to investigate other options. The purpose of the process is therefore to seek expressions of interest from Institutions qualified to undertake direct negotiations with Radio-Canada.

Radio-Canada is not committed to accepting the Institution’s proposal or any other specific proposal. It may consider any factor that it deems to be in its best interest. Radio-Canada wishes to enter into discussions with an Institution interested in maintaining the integrity and completeness of the Collection, while keeping it accessible for Radio-Canada’s operational requirements.

The Institution interested in acquiring and maintaining the Collection that Radio-Canada wishes to donate must apply through the Expression of Interest Form by no later than May 24, 2018. Any form received after this date shall not be considered.

Only those Institutions having completed the Expression of Interest Form to Radio-Canada’s satisfaction shall be invited to continue the process. The preselected Institutions shall be contacted by email. The final selection is expected in August 2018.

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